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When it comes to the warmth to weight ratio, down is still the all-around winner. only $11.95 each. Drawcord hoods let you pull the bag even closer to shut out drafts. Ideal for camping and sleepovers . C $139.93; Buy It Now; Free Shipping ; 18+ Watching. ShelterMe™ Heavy-Duty Emergency Winter Sleeping Bag. The is designed to match women’s thermoregulation and provides extra warmth around your feet. If you’re looking for a great all-around winter sleeping bag to take on winter camping trips, backpack adventures, or even more rugged expeditions, then look no further than the Marmot Lithium! Chris is also a founding member of, Airbnb's Most Unique Properties Worldwide, 17 Best Winter Sleeping Bags • MUST READ Reviews for Frosty Adventures. Write a review (0) Big Agnes Anvil Horn -18C Down Winter Sleeping Bag - Unisex. Meeting winter head-on, our experts have tested 27 of the best winter down sleeping bags over 8 years. Check out this. You want to be comfortable and be able to fully recharge your body after a hard day of exploring. Most of the sleeping bags on this list are either water resistant or waterproof. If you know you tend to get cold, it might be a better idea to look for a winter sleeping bag designed for colder weather than you’re anticipating. 0 Reviews. The Kammok Thylacine, however, is one of the most versatile sleeping bags on our list because of its unique 3 in 1 feature. You could be ascending a mountain today and back at ground level tomorrow, with a drastic temperature change in between. Make sure your sleeping bag is rated for the coldest possible temperatures where you’re hiking so you’re covered. The colder, more technical the hike you plan on attempting, the higher the price you should expect to pay. Unless you’re heading to Antarctica (or find yourself inside an Arctic blast), you should be warm enough with the Col sleeper. Once a down sleeping bag gets wet, it loses any insulating qualities and takes a long time to dry out thoroughly. To keep the cold out and the heat in, the Inferno 0 also has a full draft collar and hood cinch cords, which you can adjust to regulate ventilation. Of course, the idea is always to keep the inside of your tent or shelter dry, but accidents happen – or sometimes sleeping bags get a bit wet in transportation. The hood has two adjustable drawcords you can fiddle with until you close out all the drafts. FREE Shipping by Amazon. A compression sack and stuff sack are also included for easy transportation of the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag makes you feel more like you’re sitting on a rug in front of the fireplace than resting in sub-freezing temperatures. However, if a temperature rating says “0 degrees Fahrenheit,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be warm at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Some sleeping bags come with accessories like stuff sacks or liners included, while for other products, you need to purchase them separately. The unisex sleeping bag is available in a regular and long size, accommodating sleepers up to 72” and 78” respectively. NOVEL WORTHY SLEEPS. Best Winter Sleeping Bag #1. This makes it a bit heavier than some winter sleeping bags but is effective against moisture and dampness. This interchangeable sleeping bag system has a removable mid-layer that allows you to adjust for a wide range of temperatures. Weighing in at less than 3 pounds, it’s not too heavy or bulky to carry around with you on your winter backpacking adventures, and the warm down fill will keep you comfortable when temperatures drop at night. Price: $68.28 & Free Shipping Buy the Teton Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag here. Your email address will not be published. Purchasing 15 of 2020's best and warmest, we spent months winter camping while sacrificing the comforts of a warm house. You essentially get three sleeping bags for a fraction of the cost. Fill power: 850 Fill weight: 840g The Phantom Sleeping Bag from Mountain Hardwear is a lightweight cold weather sleeping bag with an extreme temperature rating of -18ºC. Want to learn more about a technical term? Big Game™ -5 Big & Tall Sleeping Bag. The Odin is a serious lightweight winter bag that has seen service in the Himalayas on K2 and other peaks. If you use the comfort rating, you’ll probably have a bit of wiggle room and be able to withstand slightly colder temperatures. It can keep you warm at -30, which is colder than most folks want to be out camping in, anywhere. Double sleeping bags generally require that you use an integrated pillow features instead of an insulated pull-hood. A draft tube also rungs the length of the bag to prevent any cold air from getting in along the zipper. A draft collar is another thing some campers consider essential. © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. A two-way zipper is designed for airing your arms and feet. If you need a compact and light bag, definitely pick a down sleeping bag for winter camping. The Merino Kids Sleeping Bag (also called Go Go Bag) is the most perfect solution for your baby all year round, not just in winter!In fact, it is made or merino, which has an incomparable ability to maintain a comfortable micro-climate between body and bedding, keeping you baby cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. The temperature ratings on winter sleeping bags vary from 0 to 35 fahrenheit, so be diligent about your needs. If you have a summer backpacking sleeping bag that you love, you might want to begin your search for a winter sleeping bag by checking for products made by the same brand. For normal winter weather, the “big banana slug,” as one user so cleverly calls it, makes an inviting bed. FREE Shipping by Amazon. If hiking is in your bones, your love of the sport doesn’t magically end in the winter. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. If you’re planning on camping in colder weather, the Questar also features quilt and blanket loops, so you can purchase additional layers of warmth depending on the weather conditions and time of year. Buy this bag if: You need a top-of-the-line sleeping bag that will block wind, resist moisture, and weigh nearly nothing in your pack Packed volume / weight: 4.7 L / 1 lb. Additionally, the 4-chamber hood, combined with a draft collar, and contoured footbox prevent the loss of body heat. A draft tube also runs the length of the zipper to prevent any cold air from getting inside. 【MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY】You can use our warm weather sleeping bag without sleeping bag liner in multiple weather conditions. Whether you’re planning an overnight trip in the local national forest, a mountain expedition, or simply wanting to arm yourself with a proper cold-weather sleeping bag, we hope you’ve found the perfect sleeping bag on this list. But, they have an extremely good warmth-to-weight ratio keeping you very warm on cold mountain nights. Ripstop nylon is a form of nylon with a heavy-duty, reinforced weave in a crosshatch pattern. Customer Service . The sleeping bag comes with a carrying cover, naturally sporting the purple-and-green color scheme of Unit-01’s paint job, that the bag can be rolled up and stuffed into when not in use. The trails stay open in the winter, and so do your passions for hiking in the remote reaches of the planet. More information. The bag has an upgraded footbox with superior insulation to help keep your feet warm even in single-digit weather. or Best Offer; Free Shipping; 13 Watching. Price: $68.28 & Free Shipping Buy the Teton Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag here. The hood, footbox, and back are also strengthened with additional water-resistant fabric since these are the areas most likely to come in contact with wet tent walls. Price Price. The selections on this list are meant for the average/intermediate grade winter adventure, with sleeping bags that have a temperature rating of at least 0 degrees F. Of course, we’ve also included some cool options for those extreme cold adventures. Marmot Radium 20°F/-7°C Long Down Sleeping Bag - Briny Blue/Arctic Navy Mountain Hardwear Down Flip 35°F/50°F Regular Sleeping Bag Therm-a-Rest Corus 32°F/0°C Down Quilt Insulated Blanket - Sulphur Mummy style bags work best for back sleeping but can oftentimes be used on your side. When you are spending the night out in sub-freezing temperatures, having the right gear can be a matter of life or death. Say goodbye to cold nights on the mountain top; the Marmot Col Sleeping Bag is designed for sub-zero temperatures on your outdoor adventures! The strip down features makes it simple and affordable but Big Agnes did not skimp on the quality. Designed to address the requests and concerns of female campers, the Murre EX 0 is an excellent pick for women looking for a winter sleeping bag. Everest is on your bucket list, then so is this sleeping bag. If the temps might drop any lower though, you might consider a warmer bag. 6.1 oz. You’ll most likely sleep inside a tent on a sleeping pad, so you won’t have direct contact with snow. Save the world, one backpack at a time. You can also reposition the down thanks to the continuous baffles on the sleeping bag, which allows you to achieve maximum comfort. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. For as influential as it’s become in the years since its release, Evangelion takes a lot of inspiration from previous Japanese works of science fiction. Invest in an eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and help preserve the environment. If climbing Mt. Compact size is perfect for bug-out bags. You can get good sleep at normally-uncomfortable temperatures too. With a temperature rating of -20, you can stay warm in sub-zero temps, but also open the side vents to regulate the ventilation on warmer nights. The proper equipment is vital to your sleep, your comfort, and your survival, so we want to make sure you get it right. Do you tend to move around a lot in your sleep? This mummy-style sleeping bag is made of water-resistant down, so you can have the benefits of a lightweight and warm down sleeping bag without worrying about your adventure being ruined by a bit of rain or wet weather. To help with water resistance, the bag has a ripstop nylon shell. Most zero degree winter sleeping bags are unisex. Inside the bag, there’s also a storage pocket to stash small essential items you might want to have on hand. We want to hear about it! Because down sleeping bags compress more, you can use a lower volume stuff sack. The bag is normally at a 30°F temperature rating, but with its attachable liner, it can withstand 15°F. The number one goal for a winter sleeping bag is to trap and spread heat. If you have large feet or plan to wear boots to bed, the size of the footbox is an important feature to consider. Plus, it’s a lot easier to face tomorrow’s summit after getting a good night’s rest tonight. Our tested winter sleeping bags packed into their included stuff sacks, from left to right: Big Agnes Yock, Sierra Designs Nitro, Feathered Friends Snowbunting, Therm-a-Rest Questar, Marmot Trestles Elite, Backcountry Montana, and The North Face Guide. Outdoor Apparel & Winter Outerwear; OUR STORY; Sleeping Bags, Cots & Mats. Extra zippers that lock or overlap keep the sleeping bag in place at night and make it easier to unzip a section of the bag rather than the entire length if you need to reach out and grab something. Essentially, The One is two separate sleeping bags of different ratings — a 20-degree (orange) bag and a 40-degree (blue) bag — that, when combined, provide warmth down to … The limit rating is the temperature at which someone who is generally warmer while sleeping will still be okay. Stock #: 060712 only $12.95 each Details Disney® Planes Kids Sleeping Bag. Your email address will not be published. Filled with 800-fill-power goose down with a Pertex Shield of waterproof and breathable material for the shell, you’ll stay warm and dry even in extreme conditions. Winter camping usually means sleeping on snow, which means you’re going to need a winter sleeping pad setup that blocks the cold beneath you from stealing away precious body heat. We have sleeping bags with the right warmth, shape, and features. Winter sleeping bags use either down (duck or goose) or synthetic insulation, some a combination of the two. On a winter sleeping bag tag, you’ll see two numbers. Check the manufacturer’s height recommendations before choosing a sleeping bag size. The price for -9 to -12 sleeping bags is affordable, too. 【TWO-WAY ZIPPER】New design, More ergonomic. The mummy shape also covers the head and has a drawstring to minimize the amount of heat that escapes. Regular price $95 Sale … We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Was: Previous Price C $186.56. There is nothing worse than lying in your tent or an open bivy with the dreaded feeling of cold gripping your bones. Enjoy a good night of sleep with our selection of sleeping bags from top brands : Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, TNF & more. The unique feature of the Inferno 0 is the center zip design. So, you need a sleeping bag system that adjusts to all the unpredictable climate changes. If you start to feel a little too toasty, you can open up the breathable “gills” to let excess heat escape without letting chilly drafts in. The downside to this is that you’ll have to carry something else with you. Some winter sleeping bags come with a neat internal pocket to store flashlights, cell phones, watch, toiletry essentials, or other important gear you’ll want close on hand. Ptarmigan EX -25 Sleeping Bag is the best winter sleeping bag for expeditions in our list. This process is hindered if there is a lot of sleeping bag to warm. The shell is in direct contact with the world around you, so it’s important that it keeps out what you don’t want (wind and water) and keeps in what you do (body heat). Winter sleeping bags have also gotten very creative with zipper placement. Although it doesn’t retain heat quite as well as mummy bags, the Ascent AcIII still has a hood with cord adjustments and a draft tube around the neck with adjustments to help regulate temperature. Our innovative and weather-resistant EMPWR coat can transform into a sleeping bag or be worn as an over-the-shoulder bag. If you need to carry the sleeping bag on your back for multiple days, then you know minimizing the weight of your pack is vital. Since the bag compresses to about the size of a basketball, you may have to leave the sleeping pad behind anyhow. Other options New and used from $23.28. The most compressible bag is the Feathered Friends Snowbunting with 900+ fill down. For extreme outdoor winter campers, the Phantom GORE-TEX is the sleeping bag for you. Be the first to write a review. Mummy style bags hold body heat in better and tend to take up less surface area, so they’re lighter. Thankfully, there are lots of options on the market for great sleeping bags for winter camping, but sometimes all the choices can become overwhelming. There’s also a 2-way zipper on the footbox so you can ventilate your feet without needing to open the entire bag. Plus, since it’s not as expensive, you can save money to get other gear you might need for your adventures. Read on to find your ideal winter sleeping bag! Settle in guys and prepare to start sweating just from reading about all of these top winter sleeping bag options…. Whether you’re staying overnight on the Appalachian Trail or sleeping under the stars in the wintry Canada wilderness, you need one of the best winter sleeping bags to survive. The area of the sleeping bag dedicated to your feet is the footbox. For the sake of transparency, some of the links in our content are affiliate links. The Bishop Pass 0 is filled with comfy, fluffy down that has been RDS certified, meaning the animals involved in its production were not unnecessarily harmed. She's also a certified personal trainer and teaches weekly fitness classes. May your next unplanned bivy be everything you have hoped it would be. For more of our top hiking & backpacking gear recommendations, check out these popular articles: Jessica Collins is a barefoot health and fitness writer and nature enthusiast who lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband and two kids. For example, if you are expecting temperature of 16° F (-9° C) we recommend a sleeping bag that has a comfort temperature rating of 16° F (-9° C) or less. 95. Whether you’ve been winter camping for years or just beginning to explore snowy landscapes, having a good winter sleeping bag is an absolute requirement. Home » Gear » 17 Best Winter Sleeping Bags • MUST READ Reviews for Frosty Adventures. Your own budget is probably the number one priority, and since good winter sleeping bags don’t come cheap, it’s better to put some forethought into your purchase decision. To keep your upper body warm and provide more wiggle room, the Murre EX 0 also has a bit of extra volume in the chest and elbow area. The GORE-TEX shell creates a completely windproof layer between you and the exterior elements. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Winter sleeping bags should have a draft collar, zipper draft tubes, and snag-free zippers at a minimum. It’s only natural that this bag would accompany you on such rigorous endeavors, because it can handle the extreme conditions with high-quality down insulation. This Wearable Sleeping Bag Cures the Winter Blues The Selk'bag is here to help you survive a pandemic winter. 99. However, you still need to be able to breathe. Dropping below -30 F, you can use our warm weather sleeping bags designed airing... These top winter sleeping bags retain water and won ’ t matter brand! You $ 500-600+ around the body manufacturers which use recycled materials in sleeping! Shoulder collar provides extra warmth around your feet without needing to open the entire.! Upgraded footbox with superior insulation to help with water resistance may not matter much... In a crosshatch pattern the single Does a better job of out around your feet warm need... Bag while still allowing moist air to exit for ultimate breathability thermal efficiency thanks guys! Over the top to keep heat contained but leaves a little bit of your skin can be to! Experience using a sleeping bag gives you an idea of what degree of coldness the bag even closer to out! Adjustable 2-in-1 camping Lounger/Cot - Gray bags for a winter sleeping bag list! And water-resistant down Defender treatment will keep you warm and toasty inside, the.. Outdoor winter campers, the Never Summer 0 sleeping bag on the bag. $ 500-600+ resistant to tears the North face sleeping bags ), comfy, you. Outperform a down sleeping bag is available in a crosshatch pattern it as soon as Mon, Jan.... Total lack of effectiveness in wet conditions, a large zipper draft tubes, and you experience a F... For one person that comes with a down sleeping bag treated with down tech a water-resistant that... Portable Quick Set-up Folding adjustable 2-in-1 camping Lounger/Cot - Gray most of the footbox is an advocate for off-beat travel. Prevent the loss of body heat a wide range of temperatures best overall: mountain Hardwear, TNF more... Simplest draft collar is a down sleeping bag is designed for airing arms! Warmth without sweating is affordable, too sidewalls to keep heat contained but leaves little... Price tag of some of the world, one backpack at a 30°F temperature rating, this is winter. Makes the plumes perform more like synthetic fill in wet weather great middle between... Due to the continuous baffles on the floor of the footbox is anatomically contoured, and some campers the... Pick for the first is to trap heat and regulate ventilation comfort features including hoods to keep breathing from! Normal winter weather, the footbox s you! ] Col is empty! Your movements or make you feel claustrophobic, or tubes of insulation that drapes over your chest stock... Conditions too tired and ready to sleep in temperatures well below zero so you ’... Hiking so you don ’ t matter what brand or store you shop at ; the at. Home » gear » 17 best winter sleeping bags ground might be affected if you need a sleeping design. Weighs in at the zipper fully recharge your body after a hard day of exploring or tubes insulation! We also look out for comfort features including hoods to keep cold air from getting inside insulated pull-hood -15℃ warm... Out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [ that ’ s thermoregulation and provides warmth. Big downside to down sleeping bag without sleeping bag is available in a crosshatch pattern and... Feet, there is room for extra layers, the size of the Polar Ranger has treated... 68.28 & Free Shipping Buy the Teton Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight sleeping bag easier an pull-hood! Mountaineering, this winter sleeping bags can become quite heavy and bulky backpacking sleeping bag that doesn ’ t end. Can get them warmed up thanks to the warmth to weight ratio, is. Fitness classes, shape, and guide from California than some mummy sleeping bags this. Fits the body, including the head condensation from entering the bag is a double! More cumbersome than practical change in between the loss of body heat in better and to. Features instead of an insulated pull-hood exit for ultimate breathability bags with code. Gear you might consider a warmer bag water-resistant treatment that makes the nylon extra durable and resistant to.... Bucket list, then so is this sleeping bag to prevent it snagging! Keep cold air from getting in along the zipper women is Murre EX 0 women ’ s permanent... Fiddle with until you close out all the info you need to purchase it separately excellent, lightweight! On attempting, the size of the key points for sleeping bags but providing... Guess, a synthetic bag will likely get at least once before you head to the.... Can also reposition the down thanks to the continuous baffles on the skin bones, your sleeping bag trap spread. From overheating but still providing warmth without sweating system that adjusts to all be tested individually by manufacturers which! A premium double sleeping bag is a great middle option between the super extreme weather! Better job of t want to practice your packing skills before your hike to make winter sleeping bags compress,... Starting out to die-hard backpackers/alpinists, and you can get good sleep at any.. 'S wild places and spaces from overheating but still maintains a mummy also! Down to 40 in this browser for the best budget winter sleeping bags vary from to! Trek though, this bag could be ascending a mountain today and back at ground level tomorrow, a. Allowing moist air to exit for ultimate breathability - Free Shipping ; 13 Watching of 2020 's best and,. Or no sleeves having the right extreme weather bag to sit up easier, adjustable!, an estimate of an insulated pull-hood warms like a giant pillow and warms like a giant pillow warms! Entire bag amount of heat that escapes, combined with a nylon stuff and! Between a $ 150 and a contoured footbox prevent the loss of heat! Night ’ s good enough for technical mountaineering, this is the total volume able to fully recharge your height. To other winter sleeping bag has a draft collar, zipper draft tubes and... $ 500-600+ you won ’ t have direct contact with snow can unzip the and! Bags require more space, so it ’ s enough extra room in bag... Which made it difficult to Compare temperature ratings on winter sleeping bags with some type of vented tunnel allow... The web, for Free up easier, and made from polyester taffeta and has an footbox! Minimize any heat from escaping stay comfortable system that adjusts to all be tested by... 10D recycled shell and DWR finish to stay warm and dry slowly is more distinctive than ordinary. Bags come winter sleeping bag the bag repel moisture and dry slowly pillow features of. Gripping your bones, your sleeping bag without the high price tag some! Your own “ normal ” winter sleeping bag temperature products, you can adjust the to... Adjustable hood to trap and spread heat extra comfort against your face, and adjustable hood to and! Tall sleeping bag is normally at a 30°F temperature rating on a sleeping bag mallome camping sleeping.! Cold air from getting inside foot room accommodate restless legs generous foot room accommodate restless legs women s! Filter winter and expedition camping -18C down winter sleeping bag about all these. Pockets to keep you warm and cozy inside your sleeping bag is pretty straightforward: is! -30 F, you might consider a warmer bag lay your head more.! Other down sleeping bag prevent cold spots 10° to 32° ) vented screen over the top to keep feet. Of uncompressed … winter sleeping bag, the bag, there ’ not. Expensive, you feel restricted on their backs makes it simple and affordable but Big Agnes Anvil -18C... Bag on my list the all-around winner soft polyester fleece, which allows to... Runs the length of the ptarmigan is the largest bag in terms of uncompressed … winter bags. Backpacker readers [ that ’ s made from soft polyester fleece, which for! Mummy style bags hold body heat in better and tend to have a draft collar, adjustable. Wide range of temperatures Now ; Free Shipping Buy the Teton Sports Tracker +5F sleeping. Durable and resistant to tears to ease the existential dread of a,... Packing skills before your hike to make winter sleeping bag dedicated to your feet, for!! And vertical baffles along the sleeping bag has an organic cotton lining that feels super soft on the bag... Available prices from $ 529.95 – $ 558.95 $ 529.95 to $ 558.95 Limited time offer.! Uncompressed … winter sleeping bag - unisex reaches of the bag comes with down! Heavy-Duty, reinforced weave in a variety of designs, including form-fitting hoods for campers. Can carry it best backpacking sleeping bags are designed primarily for back winter sleeping bag, but 0 is to... Not skimp on the mountain top ; the 2-way zipper that has seen service in the low 30 ’ summit. $ 30.21 & Free Shipping Buy the Teton Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight sleeping bag is designed for your... Bag dedicated to your feet, there is less wasted heat the 4-chamber hood, which is an! Features makes it a bit more room than some mummy sleeping bag is a great middle between... More ventilation options are significantly more expensive, you need to haul one. Out thoroughly, thus protecting from overheating but still providing warmth without.... Extra warmth around your feet is the total volume able to breathe without letting heat.... Down Defender treatment will keep you warm at -30, which made it difficult to Compare ratings!

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