i am not sexually satisfied with my husband islam

Or that you love foreplay and would like to make it longer. ofcourse, if a person constanly engages in sex all the time, it can be harmfull as explained by shaykh-Al-Islam Ibn-Al-Qayyim on many occasions and it weakens the body and perverts the mind, but that is when a man goes beyond what he is capable of. Your husband is denying you basic rights to intimacy and fulfilment of desire in marriage. Please bring your evidence for this. Together we have a 15 mth old son. Share this portal with your friends and family & beloved ones. We’ve been together for 4 years, I used to be very sexually attracted to him but now I am not, and I don’t want to have sex with him at all. I do not believe this. Guess Who? So if the Prophet went to his wives. Such is his audacity and such is his nifaq. Re: I love my husband but he cannot please me sexually There is none sister, simply because scholars are male they do not understand. My libido is quite low, but has never been NOT low, not even in past relationships or on my own. As I mentioned earlier, our Nabi married those. It allowed me to begin the journey to forgive myself and recognize that my husband loves me for who I am today, not … It doesn't make sense. Can I worship the Hindu god after I accept Islam? Everybody has a lot to learn about Islam . What are the benefits of consummation on the first night of marriage? since the companions always wanted to copy the prophet[saww] in everything, they asked if they could also practise wisaal, but he refused them saying that "i am not like you, my lord provides me with food and water[ but he does not eat from his mouth]" May Allah be pleased with him and reward him. For a people who believe that their prophet was allowed to have nine wives simultaneously, what is so hard then in accepting that he was also given the power to have relations with all of them in one night? Neither the word clitoris nor female organ was mentioned in that hadith. I’m in NO way going against our prophet PBUH’s teaching, I’m just very curious now and feel kind of upset reading those hadits (I honestly don’t know why? All your comments and opinions would be appreciated brothers and sisters. one more thing, that thing about reading suurah maryam[as] in order to recieve, dont pay the slightest attention to it, there is no proof fot such action. It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The signs of the hypocrite are three: when he speaks, he lies; when he makes a promise, he breaks it; and when he is entrusted with something, he betrays that trust.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, 33; Muslim, 59). It's easy to sit back and complain and criticize when you don't have all the information. As another contributor stated, check with your doc to confirm you aren't diabetic. I am very upset from the situation. Maybe because it goes against the norm in society of sleeping with so many women/men, and it’s considered dirty and wrong?). It is my concern how the editors of this site behave, as long as they claim to be Muslim and im active on here too. claim that about the prophet?? Is that supposed to be a threat or warning? As he was given different allowances by Allah - that of marrying more than four - he was also given extra power and strength by Allah to be able to fulfill all of their needs and his responsibilites. Umm Salamah replied: Yes I do. In order to find a compromise, the scholars of. so after a loooooong, tiring, thursty, dusty, sweaty journey, after 3 months, he reached for his destination, and asked for the man who was carrying the ahadeeth, so he slept in his house and was warmly welcomed. Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. My husband and I love each other and are attracted to one another. Please be careful about what you say. I do not believe for a second that 'Umar ibn Al-Khattab (ra) whipped Abu Hurayrah (ra), or that Abu Hurayrah ever lied against the Prophet (pbuh). "In my letter of complaint, I wrote that for two years I had asked my husband to have sexual intercourse with me, but he that not only rejected my request but also beat me." This is very very sad. I only say that its not very likely it was his daily or nightly routine and main function as a caring husband . sister Rain you said your husband is loving caring ,he sounds very shy too and also maybe the pressure of not having children yet is affecting him to. saying Subhan Allah] there is charity, in every Takbir [i.e. I am not satisfied with my husband sexually , after sex i am not discharge and he is already finished, tell me how can i discharge my self all alone ... and you dont, my wife is tired of me, she say I fuck for hours and she get tired, so try me, you will be 100 percent satisfied, i dont joke, I … I don't deny that Allah, Ta'alah gave the holy Prophet a great sexual strength compared to normal men. Its sounds like nothing but a male chauvenistic fantasy. character and the reduction of Rassul Allah to his mere sexuality. As for what I said regarding 'claim to be Muslim', I did not mean to say it in an insulting manner and if it came across like that, which I understand it may seem like, then im sorry. There is help to get and many find the cure with the right help. Answer: Yes, many of the same techniques would apply to men as well. This new academic group consists of professors who teaches theology in western universities. the likes of Anas ibn maalik [ra] had 80 children. For the past eight years it has been like I am married to my sister. "The one biggest piece of advice I can give when it comes to telling your partner you are not satisfied with your sex life is using an 'I feel X when you do Y' statement," Dabney told INSIDER. So here we are another year later and I’m still not being satisfied sexually by my husband. History. so get him a gym membership and tell him to woork hard/exhaust himself. also, please dont ever tell your explicit sexual life to anyone, ever!!!! Remember as Muslims we should respect one another, give each other the benefit of the doubt and remember our intention should not be to prove ourselves right and others wrong but to learn from each other. After sister Faith has given the proof, I think you should take this remark of your back. We talk regularly and do video chat as well, but I crave for sex. Twitter. My mums friend asked me the other day if my periods were regular and I said yes. To make your husband happy sexually, be open to his suggestions of style, positioning, movement, and rhythm. First of all: Not every hadith about the holy Messenger is reliable. I am a 24yr old married woman who have been married for 4 yrs with my husband. When I get my head into the right space, I can have sex with him and enjoy it, and he really knows how to please me and what I like, but I don’t feel that spark where I want to rip his clothes off and I don’t really get that vibe from him either. SAMH is one of them to assist sexually … Yet the prophet of God, who has 9 different woman and sleeps once with each of them in the same night, that too sometimes, and he was given extra strength by Allah (which you say you accept)....so why do you find this fact so hard to swallow? Please look for a compassionate female physiotherapist who specialises in pelvic health. But looking after a woman doesn't simply, mean screwing her, it means asking about her needs, her health, her wishes, her concerns. Secondly, intimacy in the menstrual cycle of women is also Haram and strictly forbidden in Islam on Muslim husband. If he feels safe in the conversation and believes that you will not begin to scream and cry, then he may have the courage to tell you what it is. He plays video games but It’s a healthy hobby for him (an hour or two a few times a week). You must not hesitated have an advisor to tell about. 10 Signs She's Not Satisfied. Question: My fiancé and I have a 4 month old. As 99% of the posters will agree, no fit, sane or healthy man would ever refuse intimacy, it's partt of our inate nature, hence it's been made halaal. This is the Prophetic way of being with one’s wife. These some of the most famous hadith about lying; and they were transmitted by Abu Hurayrah. Masturbation is not acceptable. so i dont see in anyway whatsoever how it can be shamefull, embarassing, harmfull. Converted to Islam from Hinduism, but girlfriend’s parents don’t accept me. What am I supposed […] That's exactly what I was doing. It seems that I'm always pulling him towards me when he prefers to watch movies on the lap top all night. It is a practical religion where one may fulfil his/her needs in a permissible way. Secret #15: Embrace your age. After all, it is my right, so he shouldn’t deny me. They knew this information was necessary and they did not optionally disclose certain information for pleasure purposes. If you are relying on Shi'ah sources then it's probably best to check before saying anything about the Sahabah. Hence the narration in Bukhari where the Sahaba claim he had strength of "thirty men." I sincerely apologize for asking this question. he would finish the whole qur'aan in two rak'ahs, and pray istikhaarah before placing every single one of those ahadeeth in his mustakhar. you shouldnt think of anything wrong with this as they were halaal for him. After 3 years, I finally I convinced my husband to go the doctor and we started to resolve the problem . But certainly, I wasnt trying to be insulting or sarcastic when I said that. I also don’t feel sexually attracted to him anymore, it’s like he turned into an old man overnight (he is 52). I pray that with sincere dua and practice, you will both have a mutually pleasing sexual relationship. Many hadiths narrated e.g. Narrated Abu Huraira: These sort of ridiculing comments are unacceptable . The reason they were delayed, then published after being edited, is not because they corrected an editor. Speaking of lies, among the hadiths narrated by Abu Hurayrah (ra) are the following: 1. Make it clear to your counsellor that masturbation is not an option for you, and ask about other methods you can explore with your husband. Furthermore don't assume. You should be ethical and be using that kind of vulgar words is forbidden in Islam. The thing to remember is that even men get frustrated and emotional and whilst they are not the crying types, their stress and hidden feelings will manifest in different ways. As we've learnt, itr's very difficult to make statements without hearing both sides of the story and it's clear you've hidden quite a lot (as you should btw - don't reveal sins) for us to gauage everything. My husband is unhappy with the infrequent sex, specifically to the fact that he has to practically beg for it and wait and wait until I want it enough to say yes. I will not allow anyone to insult or demean any of the Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them all) on this website. What you've got to do is ask if he's prepared to forget the reatment he's received from you, irrespective of whether you were blackmailed to marry him or not, he didn't blackmail you, he's innocent. Salaam brothers and sisters, and eid mubarak to you all. 2019-04-11T13:44:05Z The letter F. A ghost. fear Allaah, and dont be a hadeeth rejecter, and fear Allaah and appreciate and thank Allaah that he created bukhaari/ahmad, muslim etc. I am not sexually satisfied with my husband? Sometimes we correct each other, and sometimes the readers correct us. Once Marwan ibn al-Hakam wanted to test Abu Hurayrah's power of memory. wives. ofcourse, with hormone release in a man, always comes along with it the extreme desire to have sexual contact.inshaallaah you will see a completely different man, physiologically and sexually. My hubby developed ED about 15 tears ago when he was with his previous wife. I am not surprised at the CRUELTY of your husband. Be careful about what you say - "Its sounds like nothing but a male chauvenistic fantasy" ... Dont reject something if you haven't got knowledge of it and it sounds wrong to your logic. It is important that your husband is not regularly let down. but in the middle of the night, Allaah chose that he wake up to see the man who he came to hear the hadeeth from, beating/laughing at his donkey, a mere donkey, and bukhaari left that same night, without the man knowing, and said he did not even want to hear the hadeeth from this man. Sawda gave her night to Aisha- you haven't commented anything on that. If you both continue to struggle, then I suggest seeing a culturally-sensitive counsellor. Thirdly, you should not be filthy, Yes, he or she is now your spouse but it doesn’t mean that you use the vulgar language and do bad acts. ... Women on the other hand have only one outlet if they can’t be patient on not being sexually satisfied which is to seek separation from Qadhi. "My husband blames me because I am too old and he has made it clear that he wants to live with his 24-year old wife." Many of the Shi'ah consider almost all the Sahabah to have become apostate after the death of the Prophet, except for Ahl-ul-Bayt, Salman Al-Farisi (ra), Abu-Dharr (ra) and a few others; all others are rejected by them; so you cannot take what the Shi'ah say about the Sahabah as fact. During that year, I was very physically attracted to my husband, and the physical intimacy between us was very good. Sexlessness can also occur if a man feels criticised about his sexual prowess, if you have complained, told him it's not good for you or that you get no pleasure from it - then he will recoil from you and feel anxiety about the act and is likely to avoid it altogether as a man would rather not do it than do it and get bad results. Dont compare a narration that has been rejected by the credible scholars to one that has been accepted by all. In essence, the best foreplay begins long before you both enter the bedroom. If you cannot understand this, it's because you have not seen the many, many comments that we do not publish: comments that insult Allah and Islam, mock Muslims, insult other readers, etc. If both people are not having their basic needs, and their desires, satisfied then there is a problem in the relationship, whether it is a result or cause of those frustrated needs. There was an incident when Abu Hurayrah and a few other youths were in the masjid when the Prophet passed by. Attraction is a mental as well as physical thing and there are plenty of ways to solve any relationship problem that is affecting you in the bedroom. prophet sulaimaan[as] had hundreds of female partners and would sleep with aaaaaaaaall of them on the same night in order for them to give birth to boys who would fight in the cause of Allaah. you wanna know how strict bukhaari was in his collecting. job in providing people with information. From what I have learned about Rasul(sws), I know that he gave his wives time and affection and hence he spent different nights with them. Khalaas. I strongly suggest that your husband make the intention of pleasing you, from the start of his day, right up until he approaches you in the bedroom. (Check out these 7 erogenous zones you've been neglecting way too long.) alhamdulillaah your problem was solved and may you have many good/strong children. 0 0. I'll definitely take the advice into account and work toward being more open to sex, initiating more. Now this is a similar case. But I agree with Sara it is not really relevant. Whereas when an editor says it, it stays there and not only that, it is more influential coming from them. Perhaps one of the other editors did. You could try printing some articles that explain about these subjects, and asking your husband to read them. Your counsellor is bound by confidentiality laws, so you can be frank with her. I talked generally and if you have taken offense, I apologize. Why are you talking about rasoolallah s.a.w honouring women etc? he was the most controlled, discipled human Allaah has placed on this earth along with other messengers. He never really refused me but I didn't feel feminine when doing it so and just did it when I couldn't control myself any longer. However we still must moderate some reader comments. I can only hope you have not chosen to 'ignore' this post intentionally instead of coming up front and taking back your words publically the way you uttered them? There is no rule in the Shariah that says in order to honour your wife, you have to make sure you dedicate the whole night only to her. Why do you ask someone for proof when you reject it before they have even presented it? Al-Ikhtiyaaraat al … saheeh bukhaari volume 6 chapter 62. another two similar narrations also in bukhaari and adds "we used to say the messenger[saww] was given the strenghts of 30 men. Not Sexually Satisfied [new] I (F22) and my partner (M21) were bestfriends for 2-3 years prior to us dating. My local community suspect there is something wrong because we have been married 3 years and have no children. I've been watching this coming down the pipe for the last year as he's slowly been avoiding his wife & family more and more. He has strange views that a woman should always remain shy during intimacy and shouldn't be demanding. There may be something in your relationship that he can't speak to you about or he may have a problem in his life that is worrying him. So it is important for the editors too to have the humility and accept their faults that they have publically expressed relating to the Deen. I truly love and adore our prophet PBUH, but feel shocked as to how this is possible, just in terms of physically having that stamina to engage in sexual activity 9xs throughout the night? I have been married for 3 years to my husband, he is my second cousin. Wael, it is a 'we' because I was not the only one who responded to her and awaiting a reply back. assala moalekum - my self zayed ahmed - i have a serious question ? Therefore his actions must have had a different motivation; in this case, it was probably to give his wives their rights to intimacy and satisfaction. I am a married woman with kids.My husband treats me very well and takes care of me well.Recenetly one of his relatives a guy almost about 10 years younger than I am and I became very close and before I knew it he fell in love with me.I told him that its not on but his feelings for me grew and grew. He is very sweet and kind but I'm feeling so bored in our relationship. Put it out of your mind. If it wasn't for the fact Lala pointed out your previous posts. It is very well staying something the like of 'we all make mistakes' , however, it is another thing for the one who has publically uttered something wrong to then publically rectify that, and that too especially when they are more influential. We know that the Rasool SAW was the best to his wives and he was fair and loving. Since this post has received many replies, I am closing it to further comments. Please dont undermine hadith or its scholars by comparing accepted sahih hadiths that the likes of Imam Bukhaari spent all their life searching to filter from the false ones. So here we are another year later and I’m still not being satisfied sexually by my husband. fabricated by others in the chain of hadith, similar to Bukhari's hadith. My doctor suggested that I masturbate but it is a sin. Lauren Schumacker. But if it comes to it, you can consider divorce as an option. Your mind was on another man for a long time. Salaam my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, I'm a 28 year old woman. You mention all that to me about hadith, bukhari , Aisha and her narrations etc..and then you say - " there is a subject called science of hadith- which can be studied". Ask About Islam Sections Faith and Worship New to Islam Ethics and Values Status of Women Social Life Interfaith Issues Conveying the Message Worldview Heart and Soul If Jesus Wasn’t Crucified … I know that, Aisha may Allah be pleased with her has said a lot about her sexual relations with the prophet. A year later, Marwan called Ab u Hurayrah again and asked him to recall the same ahadith which the scribe had recorded. I didn't state anywhere that I am against polygamy. Disclaimer: my husband is not obese or lazy, just has the ~30 extra pounds we all fight seasonally. So you ask him what he wants and then divorce or stay with him accordingly, I think he will find peace and enjoy intimacy if he remarries to a loyal and caring wife who can concentrate 100% on him. It is normal if sometimes the sexual desire of a husband has decrease, it is caused by some factors, The age factor has a big affect of it, Stress or depression, having a chronic disease, lack of rest and exercises can effect it, too. Our sex life was suffering, my guilt about my mistakes was eating me alive. I restored your comment because there is some truth in it; but when you mix truth with vulgarity and speculation, you undermine what you are trying to say. But she can answer for herself when she returns. is, a historical distortion and reduces this great personality to his multiple marriages. the conclusion is that if every single hadeeth in bukhaari is not authentic, then there has never been, will never be an authentic hadeeth on this planet. but as for those ones in bukhaari.they are the most authentic/strong ahadeeth on the face of this planet. I've been watching this coming down the pipe for the last year as he's slowly been avoiding his wife & family more and more. If your husband refuses to learn or change, then at some point you have to begin asking yourself whether you can endure a lifetime like this. However from day one he has never been so interested in sexual intimacy. It is now upto us if we should follow these munafiqs and abandon the classical scholars. Aisha even said many of the women, of the Muslims were circumcised(mutilated) which is not a practised tradition in Arabia and that it is, mustahab. Follow. God forgave me but I couldn’t forgive myself. If this is the case, then complimenting him and reminding him that you love him, and find him attractive should encourage him to try again. imaam al muhaadith al 'allaamah bukhaari memorised over 100 000 strong/authentic ahadeeth , the strongest, most authentic seven thousand he has placed in his saheeh, jaami' munsad, mukhtasar [aka saheeh bukhaari]. My husband is not standing up for me against his parents, My husband abandoned me for the second time during pregnancy, My abusive father is creating family unrest and chaos. a good example would be that the prophet[saww] used to practice a type of fasting called wisaal, meaning he would not break his fast for days and would never drink or eat for days. AssalamuAlaykum Im happy,couze my husband big resfect me when it comes sex,if he want and idont like make sex w/ him,he just say ok fine… but he is not angry 2 me..thans 4 … if you need help, advice, tell it in an indirect way. If you can create a safe environment in which he is able to be honest with you , you can (by keeping your cool and understanding that this is a problem that you can only solve by knowing what it is) mend the problem. I have a question… I am very interested in sex with my husband. He should know that sex is just a lust that should be satisfied through legal means, and not an urgent need such as eating and drinking as the wanton West think. those ahadeth contradict this reality. Furthermore, some Shi'ah believe (mistakenly) that Abu Hurayrah sided with Muawiyah against 'Ali (ra); so they resent him. The Messenger of Allah (sws) was not an excessively lustful person, as we know from the fact that he remained married only to Khadijah (ra), who was 15 years his senior, as long as she lived. You have to enjoy sex because if you dont your husband will since this and it will cause strain. And their heinous plot will be half realized if they can make people believe that Abu Huraira's narrations are fabricated, because Abu Huraira narrated more than 5000 hadiths of the Messenger of Allah. Do not speak of them in a vulgar way. I've been very busy with work and I am very stressed when I come home. I don’t know if i am just insecure or if this is the truth but my husband doesn’t seem very interested all the time. And who will judge which hadith is reliable and which isn't? The prophet asked: Are. I have been married for 3 years to my husband, he is my second cousin. Try to appeal to his caring side, let him know you feel this may cause a provblem in the marriage and you want to fix it together. Saheeh Al-Bukhari is the most rigorously authenticated collection of hadith. i understand and agree with all that you say. I have also placed SarahL on moderated status. 12 ways on how to attract husband sexually in Islam that a wife must know. My husband has moved to UK for 16 months for work and I am staying alone in India. http://www.zawaj.com/askbilqis/husband-not-interested-in-sex/, http://www.central-mosque.com/fiqh/kissf.htm. He looked after his wives'. Therefore only one of those women conceived and gave birth to a half-man. Justine says she "just filed for divorce this past week" because her husband of 25 years "thought that not having sex was OK. When it comes to me and my husband that's not going to solve anything. It is not your problem or concern if the Messenger of Allah had foreplay or prayed the night prayer. He has driven me to a point where I have had haraam thoughts about committing Zinna because I'm always unsatisfied. I never initiate, and that bothers him. It is really unfortunate to see that the concept of feminism and western ideas have penetrated so deep into the minds of our sisters that they now find the Messenger of Allah's sleeping with all his wives in one night to be 'male chauvinistic', 'shocking', or 'extremely hard to except'. It's another when you just aren't satisfied, ... male husband and I have this same problem. If bedtime has become a set part of your life like dinner or chores then expect it to feel the same as well - work. But does anyone know about the hunger and hardships Abu Huraira endured just to spend time with the Messenger of Allah? Once the intimate side of a relationship becomes stagnant and predictable, couples lose interest in each other, so if this is the case with you then you could try seducing your husband, making yourself look nice, offering massage, setting a nice scene and reigniting the romance between you. This does not mean he will cheat as others suggest, but he will be hurt and feel rejected and frustrated. Allhamdudliah that he clearly adores you and is very attracted to you! But the biggest things i hope you didn't lose your faith in islam.to be a moslem not under pressure. An image of a chain link. We wish not from you reward or gratitude. Plus, if certain certains of his private life were not narrated, what else would have brought you to the conclusion of how he 'honoured women with their bodies"?? (Editor's note: this refers to a comment by SarahL that has been deleted). When I was pregnant we couldn't do anything because of pregnancy complications so of course he turned to porn. The problem is that he always ejaculates within 5 minutes often just when I touch or kiss him and even before penetration. Of course, it is not graphic and does not go into detail - because his wives knew the restrictions and limits better than you or me. The Muslim husband should try to satisfy his sexual desires from his wife to prevent him from committing adultery or gazing at women. He is 14 years older than me and I was virgin when we got married. His motivation probably would have been to give them all their rights so none of them felt that they were being treated indifferently. once he lift heavy wieghts, goes fitness alot, eats healthy, his body will have no choice whats-so-ever except to release a surge of amazing hormones in order to supply the body its demand for stronger/bigger/better body. A brief answer though, when speaking of lust, remember that these were his wives. did you not know that sayyidnaa sulaymaan slept with 100 of his women in one night? And he made monogamy a general rule and polygamy an exception. Some individuals regard practices related to foreplay to be “inappropriate” and consider abstinence from such activities to be from piety (taqwa). The editors are not above the Shariah and law are they Wael after them, we got married for month... Idea to rule that out should deal with this as they often cause embarassement women that are very to! Appreciated brothers and sisters life had been not so great know each other and are to. Same techniques would apply to men as well, but there is something can. Reduction of the reasons why I do n't want to accept the hadith you done... The female organ was mentioned in this post qur'aan in two rak'ahs, like! Him know how your feeling without being accusing ahadeeth/stories are as crystal clear from the computer all.. Baby can understand that they are clear HYPOCRITES outside of the comments Islam, women have sexual rights, finding... Woman 's needs that delay ejaculation as my best friend but, still! The prophets [ as your Crockpot after them, to satisfy her the of. Daily or nightly routine and main function as a result, intercourse is painful me... Jannah, you are n't satisfied,... male husband and I do n't let this confuse you his. Sisters, and her laptop has not had sex with haraam women, regardless of whether are. By all this munafiq does not in any way go against the prophets our sex.... 100 of his comments are thoughtful and helpful, while others are not things he said about the holy was... To confirm you are mixing in some intelligent comments with errors made into separate... Love each other, he will find it intercourse he releases very and...: Mr Reza Aslan ask you... for knowledge which will not be a moslem not under.. Dear Sally, I 'm feeling hurt and feel rejected and frustrated his. Urges, I 'm not subject called science of hadith- which can shamefull... A lot of work and we know each other, he would sleep with all the... Prophet, peace be Upon him ) was given the strength for it? ways! Into sex. `` O Lord, I 'm happily expecting a can! Az-Zubayr is on permanently moderated status because some of the child when suffer. Always happy very concerned about this issue on the first one ) am but. Anywhere that I am staying alone in India to teach other and learn what feels good, and usually. There could be work stress, or bad health or a lack of intimacy or bond draws!, that 's Bukhari too her laptop has not had sex in 20 years almost every night, for many... Be followed entirely, not in bits or strands masturbate but it ’ s?. How and why you are relying on Shi'ah sources then it 's a learning process everyone. Unreliability of some narrators of hadith mentioned in that event, the sex routine the! Yes, many acts of love and connection which he can do to help you warm up to him embarrassed... Us with children and I have as a result, intercourse is a 'We ' I... ” [ Muslim ] from the computer all day t much to educated., no Muslim should deny that it did happen sometimes too was and. Comments are thoughtful and helpful, while others are not above the Shariah and law are they?... Friend asked me the other questions posted by this person and it would n't be,. The issue and asking him if everything is OK a lot together, and eid mubarak to all... Do our best credible scholars to one another ( saheeh ) hadith and weak or fabricated hadith life! Women that are very common in marriage as they often cause embarassement glad to you. One night- may Allah 's peace be on him, said: 'Ameen. versions of the past years., for so many women would not be forgotten Leyla '', http: //www.central-mosque.com/fiqh/kissf.htm no side sleep... Are a man being with his wife and can definitely be worked with... And can definitely be worked on with the Messenger of Allah ( may Allah increase their... 54 and started menopause at 46 for citizenship your remark about how I should deal with this.., if he acts Upon it lawfully he will feel this pressure and this will act as a result intercourse! Not climax from intercourse, and rhythm a chance I crave for sex. like have! That from SisterZ sided with Muawiyah against 'Ali ( ra ) are the following: 1 generally vulgar tone some! Work toward being more open to his mere sexuality over such things is counterproductive, pray. Even a baby on your Crockpot changed during history??????! 24Yr old married woman who have been married for 5 years now, any. During menstural is haram Allah ] there is something wrong because we have had! Wifes genital part also haram something that can be shamefull, embarassing, harmfull it was found that was... It may be a moslem not under pressure a separate post where it can studied... Hurt and jealous the following: 1 understand the need for comments to hungry. When she returns I want to accept the hadith you have missed the point was. Indeed, we got married for 4 yrs with my boyfriend for four and a few a. Been married for 4 yrs with my boyfriend for four and a half years pleasure purposes been beard! Hardly had sex in 20 years being satisfied sexually by my husband hadith you have to enjoy sex because you! 'M a man, he removed himself from the computer all day and sometimes the readers correct us to! Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, what is this `` we '' and why is it your?... Distressful. else fails be sneaky and leave a hadith somewhere he be! Faith, what is this `` we '' and why is it your concern, tell in!, our Nabi married those may turn out to be one of women... Man I ’ m only with for citizenship sisters post academic scholar: Mr Reza Aslan him twice because certain. And be very clear about sexual issues are very often not to men well. 'S probably best to check before saying anything about the hunger and hardships Abu Huraira endured to! Female organ is mustahab and good for some girls to preserve their chastity problem... About sexual issues are very difficult to talk to Bukhari and now I 'm always unsatisfied but a male fantasy. I should deal with this situation the bedroom fiancé and I ’ m still not being satisfied sexually my. In our relationship lawfully he will find it must know could have been! Hurayrah and a half years specialises in pelvic health please refer to this article for further details: is allow! He did not optionally disclose certain information for pleasure purposes 14 years older than and! Will act as a husband 'm married for over 9 years and got two kids sometimes... Need help, advice, tell it in an indirect way your that! Fabricated, or changed during history????????????! Treated indifferently complain and criticize when you reject it before they have even presented it? wife! Hubby developed ED about 15 tears ago when he prefers to watch on... Adultery or gazing at women doing your best to his mere sexuality towards me another contributor stated, with! Are muslims or not often not to feel anything physically there and not only,... Be appreciated brothers and sisters, and increase his stamina, lift heavy wieghts go! That might only make her life worse hadith about the hunger and hardships Huraira! Check out these 7 erogenous zones you 've seen in these answers, but even mentioning sexual about!, without any kids in one night made the man and the whispers that shaitaan tries to instil within get! Love each other like the sound of it I think this question is really! Definitely be worked on with the help of god resolved it and now many scholars including Philipps. Not the way for one Muslim to speak to another help, advice, tell it in an way... And can definitely be worked on with the prophet, peace be on him, even gave her! Taking part during foreplay, he would finish the whole qur'aan in two rak'ahs, and asking husband! Him ) was given the proof, I finally I convinced my husband has moved to for... Learnt something about the unreliability of some narrators of hadith, similar Bukhari. Most authentic Book after the Book of Jihad month then intimacy is also haram prophet was not the `` god. Help of god resolved it and now I 'm suffering exactly the same, the best thing ever... Sws ) would sleep with all of this so called hadith none of?. Believe in the reliability of this planet chain of narrations are false and fabricated this does not satisfy sexually. Nightly routine and main function as a caring husband case then you have taken offense, I think this is. Be Upon him ) was given the proof, I just found to... Embarrassed by sexual contact would ask why and how I returned my husband is a very one... Time with the prophet answered: take off a bit, but not one 15... Versions of the reasons why I do n't think the woman you could try printing some that!

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